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Messenger Service

IT CAN WAIT SERVICE - Our regular service features picking up package within 4
hours. Same
day d
service begins
at 8:30am through 11am.   

JUST RUSH SERVICE - Our just rush service features picking up your package and delivering within 2 hours. Service begins at 8:30am through 2pm.

NEED IT NOW SERVICE - When our just rush service isn't quick enough. Direct door to door service, non-stop. With telephone confirmation.

* Pick up and delivery times may vary due to weather and traffic conditions.  We do not transport illegal or hazardous items. 

    Please label your packages clearly and completely with recipient’s name, company name, address, suite, city and zip code.
    If we are picking up from third party, please provide full detailed information about person and location along with phone number.

    If your package is very large and cannot fit into a backpack, please inform our dispatch so we can make arrangements.  If you require service after regular business hours, we can help.

     We Deliver: Legal Documents, Court Filings, Medical Supply, Lab Specimen, Medical Devices Delivery, Building Plans, Post Production, Computer Parts, and much more. 

    Same Day Delivery - By the end of business day for business to business delivery. CLICK HERE

    Helpful link: Santa Monica Logistics

    Delivery Santa Monica for all your direct door to door for all medical, legal, production and post production.